• Switzerland’s success in waste processing does not depend on its high quality technology and waste
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  • Switzerland is exposed to threats like growing cities’ water consumption, pesticide pollution products and other micro pollutants. Yet
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  • The consciousness in the past has been different from today. The present generation faces challenges it
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  • Polluted air moves across local and natural boundaries. In this regard, Switzerland is taking on its
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  • Efficient reaction and long-term progress are highly dependent on reliable monitoring instruments.   With new
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Why Switzerland

Switzerland is looking back to a rich history of environmental protection. Efforts made in the past led to today’s highly efficient technology in the areas of water and air. Moreover, a rich experienced network of recycling and waste processing has emerged over years. And since highest standards are not only met but surpassed, it is time to share Switzerland’s knowhow with the world.


  • Network

    We have an international network of experts from various industries.

  • Experience

    All the experts introduced by SWE have 15 to 30 years of experience in practical engineering and on-site operations.

  • Service

    Our service includes consulting, trading, training, promotion and more.