• Waste Treatment

    Waste Treatment

    Switzerland’s success in waste processing does not depend on its high quality technology and waste management legislations alone. Essentially contributing Read More
  • Air Treatment

    Air Treatment

    Polluted air moves across local and natural boundaries. In this regard, Switzerland is taking on its global responsibility. Pollutants such as Read More
  • Soil Recovery

    Soil Recovery

    The consciousness in the past has been different from today. The present generation faces challenges it did not cause. Switzerland is Read More
  • Water Treatment

    Water Treatment

    Switzerland is exposed to threats like growing cities’ water consumption, pesticide pollution products and other micro pollutants. Yet its clean rivers and lakes Read More
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SwissEngineers connects clean futures. The SwissEngineers AG (SWE) is promoting Swiss and European environmental technology and is providing training courses in such fields. We are distributing advanced technology to developing countries for a better and cleaner future for us all.